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Planting of the memorial in November 2020

Bepflanzung Gedenkstaette

Planting of the memorial in November 2020

On the occasion of November 9 in remembrance of the Reichspogromnacht 1938, the initiative “remember – honor – reconcile” planted the memorial of the Geislingen satellite camp, which was erected in 2018, on the bike path behind the Odelo company.

A mourning birch, a juniper and a white rose symbolically stand for the mourning of the victims, the hope and life that nevertheless triumphs and shows itself in the many descendants of the survivors as well as the memory that admonishes to “Never Again”.

“Such signs against anti-Semitism are important,” Matthias Lotz said in his speech, “because history still repeats itself.” The year before, there had been an attack on the synagogue in Halle, and Jews living in Germany today often don’t dare to wear a kippah in public. “We set up the memorial because we are FOR the Jews. That’s more than just being against anti-Semitism,” Lotz said.

As a sign of remembrance and in honor of all Jewish people murdered and suffering unspeakable torment during the Nazi era, 30 white roses were placed at the memorial.