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With rifles in their backs, 800 Jewish girls and women are driven through Geislingen every day.

Places of remembrance and commemoration in Geislingen

There have been several places of remembrance of Geislingen’s concentration camp past for quite some time, but they have received little attention worth mentioning. It was not until 2015 that memorials were created at the historical sites. Since then, the concentration camp history has been present in the public consciousness of Geislingen.


memorial concentration satellite camp

The Geislingen satellite camp was located directly behind the reconstructed fence. In 2018, the memorial was inaugurated to remember the history of this place with all senses.

memorial of names

Since 2015, a plaque “In memory of the Jewish women imprisoned in the Geislingen satellite camp as forced laborers for WMF July 28, 1944 – April 11, 1945” has been located directly at the WMF main entrance.

Foto: Markus Sontheimer, Geislinger Zeitung

Stolperschwelle –

stumbling block

Gunter Demnig, son of a member of the Wehrmacht, laid a Stolperschwelle with a memorial text on the sidewalk in front of the main entrance to WMF in September 2015.

Wounded Head

At the cemetery Heiligenäcker, far outside the city of Geislingen, the memorial “Wounded Head” was inaugurated on Memorial Day 1984.

Geschundene Kopf
Gedenkstätte Grab Adolph Schoofs

Adolf Schoofs´s grave

Former WMF foreman Adolf Schoofs put his own life on the line to treat the Jewish forced laborers humanely.

Places of remembrance of Geislingen’s concentration camp past

On this map of Geislingen you can see where the individual memorial sites are located.

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  1. Memorial KZ – Geislingen: on the cycle path in the direction of Eybach
  2. Name plaque: WMF parking lot main entrance, Eberhardstrasse 18
  3. Stumbling block: on the sidewalk in front of the WMF main entrance Eberhardstrasse 18
  4. Bruised head: on the cemetery Heiligenäcker next to the chapel, Oberböhringer Strasse
  5. Grave of Adolf Schoofs: at the cemetery Altenstadt in Geislingen, at the cemetery wall to Friedensstrasse