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They experienced terrible things, survived the Shoah and came back to Geislingen 70 years later - wonderful people.

Words of greeting

The concerns of “erinnern-ehren-versöhnen” find support in the whole region of Geislingen/Steige.

Frank Dehmer Bürgermeister Geislingen

Frank Dehmer

It is the task of our generation not to let the atrocities of the Nazi dictatorship be forgotten and to make sure that such things never happen again. The initiative “remembering – honoring – reconciling” makes an enormously important contribution to this, here in Geislingen and beyond.

Frank Dehmer, Mayor of the City of Geislingen

Oliver Kastalio CEO der WMF

Oliver Kastalio

As CEO of WMF, I am aware of the responsibility we bear with regard to our company history. We cannot make up for the suffering that has occurred, but we can ask for reconciliation and honor those who suffered by remembering. It is our task to ensure that this will never happen again. Today, too, there is discrimination and exclusion against which we as a society must stand. We must not take the democracy we live in today for granted, but as something we must actively work for. For this reason, remembering the past is important not only out of respect for those affected by the Nazi era, but also in order to protect the personal freedom of each individual and the solidary coexistence of people of different origins, religions and cultures.

Oliver Kastalio, CEO of WMF

Katholischer Pfarrer

Pastor Martin Ehrler

An action against forgetting; an alliance that keeps the memory alive, honors the dead and follows the path of reconciliation. I am grateful that the initiative “remembering-honoring-reconciling” again and again reminds us of the fate of the women of the concentration camp Geislingen with various actions. The now newly created internet presence is another component, a sign against anti-Semitism and racism; an opportunity to inform oneself fundamentally and to draw strength from memory for healing reconciliation and a good coexistence of all people.

Pastor Martin Ehrler, Catholic Church Geislingen

Evangelischer Dekan

Martin Elsässer

Commemoration is remembering specific people and events in order to bring them out of oblivion. Commemoration is meeting in the today above the abyss of history. And commemoration is life, in which God’s Spirit wants to build bridges of peace and hope with us.

Protestant Deanery Geislingen
Dean Martin Elsässer

Matthias Lotz

Matthias Lotz

It is an honor for us as Evangelical Alliance and as initiative “remembering-honoring-reconciling” to publish this page. We want to get in touch with as many families as possible whose relatives were here in the concentration camp in Geislingen. We want to honor and bless them and make God’s love visible to them in order to comfort them, as it says in Isaiah 40:1: “Comfort, comfort my people.”

Matthias Lotz

Chairman Evangelical Alliance

Leader of the initiative “remembering-honoring-reconciling”

Pastor Baptist Church Geislingen