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70 years after the end of the war, survivors and relatives are on the road together with Geislingen citizens.

Projects at schools

GFS KZ-Außenlager Geislingen

Presentation in the subject History

by Victoria Majko – Michelberg High School

Definition Concentration Camp / Subcamp

Facts and Numbers

Beginning of the satellite camp in Geislingen

The conditions in the satellite camp and the daily routine

The evacuation

The reconditioning

Lenka Lebovics

The Holocaust gets a face and a voice

“We, the survivors of the greatest tragedy, the greatest massacre in human history, now pass the torch to the younger generations. Carry it forward with righteousness, justice and courage. Although we cannot change the past, we can influence the future to live in harmony and peace.” Lenka Weksberg, 2015 at Michelberg High School.

It is always a very impressive experience when survivors of the Shoah, and here even of the local concentration camp, meet students in person and talk about their lives. This is a deeply emotional experience and a lasting memory. For the survivors, telling their story is often healing and gives them hope for the future: their story is heard and not forgotten. In no speech is the appeal to the young people missing that something like this should NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

Members of the initiative “remembering – honoring – reconciling“ are also happy to come to your school, organize lessons and offer guided tours to the memorials. Please get in touch with us.

Lenkas Besuch am MIGy

Letter of thanks from students of MiGy

December, 18th 2015

Class 10b, Michelberg High School

Dear Lenka Weksberg,

We, the students from the Michelberg_Gymnasium want to say thanks for being at our school and tell us your story. It was very fascinating and a really special experience for us. It was much better to hear this story from you than from our teacher, because it was so emotional and we could imagine better the feelings in this terrible time.

All of us had to feel with you, when you told us the story, but nobody can imagine that all completly, because it’s so inconceivably, how horrible humans can be. We’re really touched of your story and we’re so sorry that you have to experience that!

But also we’re really happy you still alive and you can told us that all. Also you can be a role model for us because your a strong woman. All in all it was so great to meat you! Thanks for all!

The students of the class 10b