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With rifles in their backs, 800 Jewish girls and women are driven through Geislingen every day.

memorial of names at WMF


Since 2015, a plaque “In memory of the Jewish women imprisoned in the Geislingen satellite camp as forced laborers for WMF July 28, 1944 – April 11, 1945” has been located directly at the WMF main entrance. After the discovery of the transport list from Geislingen to Allach / Dachau dated April 11, 1945 in Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, it was a great concern of WMF to honorably commemorate these women by name.

“Why? Because we are Jews. Jesus was a Jew, Freud was a Jew. Many of the greatest people in the world were Jews. Are Jews.“

Gizelle Hersh, survivor of Auschwitz and Geislingen

In November 2015, this memorial was inaugurated in the presence of Lenka Weksberg, a former concentration camp forced laborer for WMF. She was deeply moved to read her own name and those of her four sisters there. Degraded to numbers in Auschwitz, she was now honored as a human being with a name. Whenever survivors and descendants of former forced laborers come to Geislingen, it is a very emotional moment for them when they read the names of their mothers and grandmothers on this plaque.