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70 years after the end of the war, survivors and relatives are on the road together with Geislingen citizens.


Making history and its consequences tangible – these are the goals of various projects of the initiative “remembering – honoring – reconciling“.

Survivors of the Geislingen concentration camp speak to Geislingen citizens and in schools. Young people prepare for personal encounters with descendants of women who had to perform forced labor in Geislingen. Students from Geislingen schools meet Israeli youth – unfortunately only virtually because of Corona, but some friendships are lasting. Reconciliation in practice.

We offer guided tours of the memorials in Geislingen and are also available for teaching modules in schools.


Student exchange

We do not want to stop looking at the past, but also shape the future together. Personal encounters, mutual respect and friendship between Germany and Israel, especially between young people, are steps of peace. Our motto was: “remember yesterday – live today – shape tomorrow”.

Projects at schools

Students listen spellbound when survivors of the Geislingen concentration camp and their descendants talk about their lives. In this way, history can be experienced personally and is related to one’s own life and the town in which one lives. The initiative “remembering – honoring – reconciling“ conducts guided tours for school classes and designs teaching units.


Ways of reconciliation

A new day begins in Jerusalem – sign of a new relationship between descendants of the perpetrator and victim generations. Children of the victims and perpetrators walk paths of reconciliation.