We cannot change the past but we can influence the future.

800 numbers – 800 fates – 800 women – For many years they were hidden and there were only a few clues about the women from the Geislingen satellite camp.

Who were they? What did they experience? How were they able to live on after this horror? What influence does their story have on their descendants? And what does all this have to do with us today and the city of Geislingen/Steige?

This website aims to tell the story of the 800 Jewish girls and women (remembering), to introduce the women we met (honoring) and to find and live ways of reconciliation (reconciling).

KZ-Aussenlager Geislingen
Gedenkmarsch KZ-Außenlager

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On the national and international Holocaust memorial days, memorial ceremonies to remember, honor and reconcile also take place in Geislingen.

KZ-Aussenlager Geislingen


Remembering After 70 years, numbers became names in 2015, the names of beloved mothers, grandmothers and aunts, friends and sisters-in-law. The names on the memorial plaque in front of WMF are a sign to the descendants that the suffering of their loved ones will not be forgotten, that WMF will face the dark chapter of its company history and that not one of these 800 individual personal fates will be forgotten.


After 70 years, quite a few of the former concentration camp victims were still alive. We were able to visit some of them and invite them to a commemorative event in Geislingen on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of the war.

They had the courage to return to the place of their torture. Deep and moving encounters took place. Miryam and Lenka shared their amazing life stories with the people of Geislingen today.

KZ-Aussenlager Geislingen
KZ-Aussenlager Geislingen


How do the survivors of the Geislingen concentration camp feel when they hear “Geislingen”? How do we encounter people who have experienced inconceivable horror in our city? From the first second Miryam and Lenka and their families approached us openly and warmly. From this, friendly relationships have developed with them. This makes us humble and grateful.

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